Maron River Pacitan East Java, a hidden heaven

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A river with its limitless glamour is the suitable brief description for this place. This river is named Maron River. Maron river specifically located in Dersono village, Pringkuku, Pacitan. Maron river is one of the icons of Pacitan. Maron river spends actually 45 minutes’ journey from the center of Pacitan. To access Maron river, people need to across many curves. The street which provides to visit Maron river is also ascend. Luckily, the scenery of Maron will make the day be beautiful even if people should do several efforts to visit in. Maron river is surrounded of many trees which are dense of leaves. In addition, there are also several coconut trees around the river. These trees really make the river be more attractive. Besides, Maron river is still natural since there are still few travelers know the beauty of this object. Because of the condition, the pureness of the place, especially the purity of the water is still fine. Indeed, the water of this river is like blue.

Many tourists call this place as the Green Canyon of Pacitan due to the fact that the beauty of Maron river looks like Green Canyon. Moreover, travelers will be also spoiled of many fish which are dominated of the red color. The combination of the pure water and many fish in the river is the glamour of Maron river. Meanwhile, if visitors would like to enjoy the whole beauty of Maron river, they need to rent the boat. There are many boats which are provided by people who live around. Travelers only need to pay 100-150 thousand rupiah for each boat to get the chance exploring Maron river by boat. The boat is able to carry 5-6 people. By paying 100-150 thousand rupiah, visitors are also given the tour guide.

The tour guide will be also the driver of the boat. Therefore, people can enjoy the scenery of Maron river while they are listening to the description of Maron river from the tour guide. The driver will accompany visitors to explore Maron river whose length is up to 4,5 km and it takes 45 minutes’ adventure. The different depth of different area will also attract people’s curiosity in exploring this river. Indeed, the depth os Maron river is up to 20 m. In addition, there is also an oar competition in this river which is held in each year. The end of this competition is in the estuary of Maron river – Ngiroboyo beach.  Therefore, everyone who wants to enjoy the green canyon needs to visit the green canyon of Pacitan soon because this is the only incredible creation of God.


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