Yogyakarta Beach Experiences

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This is a self-experience of the writer when enjoying his amazing holiday in several beaches in Yogyakarta.

Beautiful Beach in Gunungkidul
Gunungkidul has many beautiful beaches. The beaches are located in the south side of the district. The beaches look so beautiful because they have white sand and cliffs. The names of the beaches are Baron, Kukup, Krakal, Indrayanti, Sundak, Ngobaran, Drini, Wedi ombo, Ngrenehan, Nguyahan and so on. Here I would like to let you know about the nearest beach from my house. They are Ngrenehan, Ngobaran and Nguyahan. They are located about 11 KM south side from my village.
One of the beaches that I prefer to spend my holiday time when I am at home is Nguyahan beach. Nguyahan beach is located nearby Ngrenehan and Ngobaran beach. I love this beach so much, because it has a nice view along the beach, the sand is white, the cliff is so wonderful, and the most interesting is because the beach is still clean. Here are some photos I have ever taken there:

I would like to let you know the how to get there from the city of Yogyakarta. You can go there by riding your own motorbike or by driving a car. The first is you must pass the beautiful going up way in the border of Bantul district and Gunungkidul district; it is called as Irung Petruk way. Along the way you will find beautiful trees on the roadside. Then when you arrive in Wonosari city, there will be direction boards that show the name of the beaches. Then just follow the way until you get the entrance fee’s post.
Arriving there you will enjoy the atmosphere of the place. You may have fun; enjoy the water and the big wave. You may not swim outside of the safe line because it is dangerous. After having fun at the beach, you can try any kinds of food available there, such as fried fish, grilled fish, and other choices meals. You will find traditional snack like peyek udang and shrimp crackers.
At the moment beach tourism in Gunungkidul has been an alternative tourist attraction instead of city tour in Yogyakarta. There are many visitors spend their holiday time by visiting white sand beach as offered by in Gunungkidul. The government of Gunungkidul is arranging the program to increase the attractiveness of foreign tourists or domestic tourists.23122011413 23122011369 23122011374


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