Free apps in Android Make Batteries perforated

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No less popular paid apps are free and included in theAndroid platform. On the one hand it is very profitable,but it unwittingly disturb any significant losses.

According to a survey conducted by Purdue Universityand Microsoft, many free applications in the Androidwas made quickly drains the battery in the handseteasily broken alias.

This study sampled a few Android apps are pretty much free for download, such as the Angry Bird andNew Yok Times. The result, 75% of these applicationsbecause the battery sucks too often run ads from a third party.

For example, when users play Angry Birds, 45% is used to run ads from a third party. Of these 45%, 15%of which is used to locate users with GPS, and 24%with the help of 3G to display the ads accordingly.

Not only that, a lot of wasted energy even when userssurf using native browser. For GPS and 3G using 16%and 31% of the total energy in the battery.

Bugs or loopholes in the application were also made on the Android handset is far more wasteful. The research team found a bug called ‘wakelock’ in Mailand Facebook Android App that also drain energy not less.


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