Tips on How to Overcome / Remove Stains Scar Skin With Drug / Herb Traditional

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How to remove scars with traditional medicine or natural:
1. Using rice galingale
Who says a medicinal galingale small children, in addition to herbal remedy is useful for coughs and heartburn, galingale rice was also effective in healing the scars that already exist in your body, how to remove the scar to this galingale rice, soak the rice first regular half as many ounces in water for 15 minutes, then remove and then mashed together half an ounce galingale, after being completely destroyed, apply to the scar that was about to be eliminated.
2. Honey
Besides delicious taste and many benefits, honey can also be used as relief medication scar natural way is to put honey on the scar several times a day.
3. Olive oil
Olive oil is already proved successful in terms of skin care, you can use the oil from olives is to remove the scar on your body, the way is by applying olive oil on the scar several times a day.

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