In China Apple Not Helpless Against Samsung

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Samsung’s market share in China three times more than Apple. In fact, as expected by analysts, this figure is still rising. “Apple will not immediately replace the Samsung in the near future,” said an analyst with research firm Gartner, Sandy Shen.
Currently, the iPhone just got the ‘cake’ of 7.5 per cent of the total smartphone market share in China. Compare to Samsung, its main competitor is eating a portion of 24.3 percent.

Telegraph reported on Tuesday (3/13/2012), to expand the market, Samsung aggressively approached China’s telecom operators. Noted, there are currently three major carriers She led. While Apple is only working with two operators. Unfortunately, the iPhone is not compatible with China Mobile which is the largest mobile networks in China.

As for Apple’s latest partnership with the China Telecom, noted Shen was quite helpful. The reason, China Telecom is the smallest operator in China so that its range is limited.

To note, the China mobile market is the fastest growing industries in the world. According to Gartner, this year’s estimated growth rate climbed 52 percent to 137 million units of mobile devices.

Of the total users of mobile devices with nearly 1 billion people in the Bamboo Curtain country, embracing the new Apple currently only about 34 percent.

However, there are also data showing the high demand for the iPhone. Despite not selling the popular Apple gadget, Bloomberg launched a China Mobile has 15 million consumers who use the iPhone but can only use it with WiFi 2G networks.

On a global scale, Apple is currently the king of beat Samsung smartphone vendor. But in China, are in fifth position.


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