How to cure gastritis with starch

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Ulcer disease or gastritis is a disease that attacks the stomach, because the event of injury or inflammation of the stomach causes heartburn pain, and tenderness in the abdomen.

irregular eating
taking certain drugs
consume alcohol
microorganisms that are harmful or
other causes such as heredity.

Now I am going to clear out how to treat stomach ulcers in the traditional way and quite potent enough

1. Take the flour about 1 ounce
2. Continue to starch in the roaster (fried without oil) until slightly yellowish
3. Is the starch which has been taken on toasted 2 tablespoons per day to be mixed with half a glass of hot water
4. Let the mixture of 2 tablespoons of cornflour that has been roasted by the hot water was a bit cold after drinking it directly in
5. Do this every day for a week and until you feel your ulcer is reduced or lost


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