Chris Brown Boyfriend vs Rihanna’s fans

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Having invaded invective via social networking sites, lover Chris Brown, Karrueche Tran is now under threat of loyal fans Rihanna. Tran was very frightened because of death threats.

TMZ reported Tran is now afraid to leave her home without escort. That’s because he got death threats from Rihanna fans are very loyal.

A source close to the Tran told the website TMZ that her 23-year-want to leave the house only when escorted by a guard Chris Brown. With the guards, Tran feel safer and no longer feel afraid of threats received through the internet.

Rihanna feud between Tran and was raised over the release of the sexy singer’s collaboration with Chris Brown. Singer ‘We Found Love’ was the one who started first with a teasing Tran on Twitter.

Rihanna put rice cakes photo wearing sunglasses and gold earrings. Presumably the photo was intended for the descendants of Vietnam Tran. Rice cakes are one of the foods are quite popular in the country.

Through his spokesman, Chris Brown is already confirmed that between him and Rihanna did not happen apapapun. He also did not cheat on Tran. “He and Rihanna are just friends,” said the spokesman.


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