This Woman is 75 Days For Delivery

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When the delivery process normally only takes about 8-12 hours, a woman from Poland live up to 75 days. This was done to save two babies who were born prematurely after the first of three baby twins were born prematurely and died.

Joanna Krzysztonek eventually gave birth to a baby girl named Iga and Ignacy baby boy on February 15, 2012. While waiting for deliveries that lasted for 1.5 months, Joanna must lie in the prone position and supine.

“I can only sigh and pray that this pregnancy could be maintained so that the baby can be born safely,” he told Reuters.

Obgin doctors who deal with it, Mariusz Zimmer, said the doctors can do is mitigate the perceived contraction Joanna. “The delivery process has a beginning and an end. If a third of the twins had been born one, it means that labor has begun,” he said.

With medical treatment and resist efforts by way of stomach contractions, the Iga and Ignancy finally be born at 32 weeks’ gestation. Infants born at full term should be 38-40 weeks of age.


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