How To See Clearly without Glasses Emergency

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State of emergency in the sight glass when no eye can occur when the eye suddenly broken glass can not be used, then when all of a sudden the glass eye lost or forgotten, especially for people who areold age. While we need all to see. Whether it’s for far vision or near vision.
For example, when we are disebuah store to see the price listed onthe items we will buy. Which small letters, we do not bring a glass eye. Age is more than forty years, whereas if not wear readingglasses are not able to see small objects.

In this emergency there is one way to solve it, namely by using the”Pinhole Effect”. The principle is the pinhole effect on the eyerefractive disorders (kalainan reduced eyesight that can be corrected with glasses), vision will be better if through a small slit or hole.
At the time of an emergency, we can make a tool made from a smallcarton, measuring 3 x 5 cm, then in a thin cardboard or paper made a hole, by making a hole using the tip of a pen. So we can peekthrough the cracks. Obviously small fonts will appear.

But there is more practical, so we do not have to create a tool thatmust be created first. That is using our right hand. We will see the object grasp with his left hand. Then we use the right hand instead ofthe tools described above.

By making a small gap between the thumb and forefinger. Of the gapwill be visible object more clear and legible. It applies to far or nearvision. So even though we are in a state of emergency does not useglasses can still be saved in this way.


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