5 Foods That Make You Longer Satiety

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by Nurie

Want to reduce fat and achieve your ideal weight? You do not need a diet is too hard to avoid snacks, or just eat vegetables and some rice.
The core of the diet is to maintain your diet, so as not to over or under nutrition. What if you are hard pressed desire to eat? Try to consume the following five types of food.
Excerpted from Health, five of these foods can make you feel full longer, so you’ll eat less.

1. Dark Chocolate

In 100 grams of dark chocolate, contains only 170 calories. According to research from the University of Copenhagen, eating dark chocolate before a meal can make you eat fewer meals.
Why? Compounds in dark chocolate slows down the digestive process and keeps you full longer. A small piece of chocolate (about the size of business cards) can also resist the desire to eat something salty, sweet and fatty foods.

2. Pine nuts

With only 95 calories per 1/2 ounce (about 84 nuts), pine nuts are not only good for the diet but also makes you full faster.
Pine nuts contain fatty acids that are good for the heart but also increases the hormone that makes you feel very full. If the desire to snack arises, immediately consumption of these nuts.
3. cheese
Choose a cheese made from cow’s milk or goat grass fed. Cheese from dairy cattle have berpakan grass content of conjugated linolenic acid (CLA), a type of fatty acid that helps treat high blood pressure, high cholesterol and osteoporosis. Check the products labeled “grass-fed ‘to make sure you buy the right cheese.

4. skimmed milk

One cup of skim milk has only 86 calories. Protein in milk (whey and casein) can be filling the stomach than beverages containing sugar. CLA content in milk also helps fight obesity.

5. orange

Oranges are one fruit that is able to give full effect in addition to apples, because the high fiber content. Eating too much fiber can fight obesity and generate a flat stomach.


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