Part of the Human Brain Makes a Sin

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So far, scientists do not know in which part of thehuman brain most responsible for the lie or lies.People just know that the lie came from a speech, butdo not know if that has something to do with certain parts of the brain.
After doing research, scientists have finally found aconclusion. That, the brain located at the front of the crown that is most responsible for the LIES.

This conclusion is, in fact classified as very late when compared with what has been hinted at by Allah swt. inHis word in the Koran. Part of the brain called theKoran under the name ‘nashiyah’atau crown.
The amazing thing is that the Qur’an centuries agohave been talking about the function of the crown ofthis when talking about Abu Jahl:
Allah swt. says in Surah Al-‘Alaq paragraphs 15 and 16.
“You know, really if he does not stop (do so) We will drag top of his head, (ie) the crown of the deniers morerebellious.



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