Myth of 9 First Night

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Below, are some of the first night of a lot of myths circulating in the community:
Myth 1: Always painful.
This assumption is wrong. First time sex is not always painful. Concerns of many women in the vagina the first night was worried they could not accommodate a large penis when erect.
Pain when having intercourse usually occurs because the woman is not ready and the vagina was too tight to accept penetration. The best solution is to do foreplay in order for women to relax and teransang thus become more receptive vaginal penetration.
2. Myth: Critical Success.
First Night is considered as a determinant of the success of sex in the next night. Failure often causes anxiety on the first night will fail in the next night.
Premature ejaculation or pain in women would imagine in the next nights. Bad experience the first night will indeed affect the feeling of doing hubunga sex anymore but the first night of sex is not a critical success at the next night.
3. Myth: Premature Ejaculation is always happening at First Night.
Premature ejaculation is a sexual problem that men do not always occur on the first night. Premature ejaculation occurs when sexual arousal is too high and difficult to control.
Some people assume that premature ejaculation is common in the first night but the first night was not the cause of premature ejaculation.
4. Myth: As great blue film scene.
Many people assume that having the first night will be as good scene in a porn film. This assumption is wrong.
Even not advisable to make a porn movie scene as a reference for the success of sex, because the film does not trace and there are many deductions picture.
5. Myth: A large penis, wife satisfied.
Many people assume that the measure affects the wife’s satisfaction. And not a bit worried husband at first night when he saw the small size of his penis.
Fact: Basically, the penis can not satisfy your partner.Rather, violent penis itself. When the penis is big but can not have sex with both, it is quite premature ejaculation may actually occur.
6. Myth: Always delicious.
Many people assume that sex is enjoyable, so when the first night must be passed with a happy feeling.
The fact, not a few couples who feel disappointed on their first night. The beauty of sex as they had imagined because of unfamiliarity of sexuality properly.
7. Myth: Blood of a virgin.
Virgin blood, it is anticipated a lot of men on their first night. If the wife is not considered to be a virgin to bleed again. This myth is very misleading. Virginity has nothing to do blood coming out. This myth makes many women become concerned at first night. they are not afraid to bleed and fear are considered not a virgin anymore.
8. Myth: You can tear the hymen is a sign of success.
Not necessarily at night hymen can tear first. By Nugroho, just tear the hymen when the first night is a sign of failure on the wife’s sexual response. That is, in fact perfect wife is not aroused when penetration occurs.
9. Myth: Must be strong medicine
Medicines and potions to enhance sexuality is not recommended if not required. If the first night, the husband had used these drugs then certainly psychologically if he’s not ready to have sex on the first night.


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