Here’s How Ants Calling a Friend

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Ant finds a food source leaving a trail of chemicalcompounds [Feronom] on the ground through a needle in the butt. Trace helps her friends find a food source.Many insects have a pheromone substance, but each has a similar function but different. For example: Antsuse pheromones to leave a trail, while butterflies usepheromones to attract the opposite sex.
Foraging ants usually assigned duties in a manner that is difficult to explain. He went to a food source by walking the winding, but returned to the nest with a shorter route straight. How could an ant can only see a few centimeters can walk straight ahead?
To answer this question, a researcher named Richard Feynman put a lump of sugar at one end of the tub, then wait for an ant to come and find him. When the ants that first come back to the nest, Feynman follow a winding trail.
Feyman then follow the next ants. Apparently Feynman found that the ants that came later did not follow the trail; they are smarter, take the bypass road until it becomes straight-line tracks.
Inspired by Feynman, a computer scientist named Alfred Bruckstein proved mathematically that the ants are coming next is to straighten the winding trail. The conclusion that he gets the same: after a few ants, a long trace can be minimized to the shortest distance between two points in other words, form a line lurus.86
What was told was of course requires skill if done by humans. He would have to use a compass, clock, and more sophisticated equipment to determine a distance. This person must also master mathematics.
In contrast to this, the guide ant is the sun, while the compass is the branch of a tree and other natural landmarks. Ant given the form of these signs, so that it can use it to find the shortest route home, even though the route is completely new to him.
Although it sounds easy to say but it’s hard to be explained! How could a tiny creature like ants, which do not have the brains or the ability to think and consider, do calculations like this?
Communication techniques to trace (odor trail) is often used by the ants. Many interesting examples in this
Ant finds a food source left the trace of the chemical compounds in the soil through a needle in the butt.Trace helps her friends find a food source.
An ant species that live in the desert in the United States pulled out a special smell that is produced in the venom sac if he found a dead insect that is too large or heavy to carry or drag. Its nestmates can smell from far away and start moving towards the source. When the number of ants that gather around the prey is enough, they bring the insect to the nest
As part of fire ants foraging for food, they followed the scent trail for a while, then eventually split up and search for their food. Attitude changed when the fire ant has found food. When they find food, fire ants back to the nest by walking more slowly, and his body close to the ground. He highlight sting at certain intervals and the tip touches the ground sting like a pencil drawing a thin line. Thus leaving a trail of fire ants that led to the food.
Imagine if a man in an unfamiliar forest. Even if he knows the direction to go, he would have trouble finding the right path and will probably get lost. In addition, he also must look at the circumstances carefully and consider which way is best. However, ants act as if it knew full well how to find your way. At night, they can find and follow the path they took to find food in the morning, even if conditions change.

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