8 Simple Tips to Appear Beautiful

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How many times a day you stand in front of the mirror to make sure you look absolutely gorgeous?

8 Tips Sederhana Agar Tampil Cantik
Experts say most of us do not look good because we do not take proper care of yourself.
The secret of beauty lies in our own hands. This is not meant to be complicated or costly.
The following will discuss some simple ideas that will make you look more beautiful and attractive.
A. Caring for hair
Long hair should be trimmed regularly. Not only will your hair look healthy but also eliminate dull and uneven impression. If you want to paint the hair, choose a color close to natural color and adjust the skin color.
2. Use lotion on a regular basis
Using a lotion or cream will keep skin smooth and soft.Also use sunscreen to avoid the danger of sunburn.
Before bed, wash your face with cleanser and apply a night cream, so you feel refreshed the next day.
3. Clean the nails
Finger and nail care are sometimes overlooked. Clean and trim your nails regularly. If the nail too short, you can give nail polish to make it more attractive.
4. Perform a pedicure
Thumb cracked obviously does not look good. Do massage the feet regularly and keep your toes to stay clean.
5. Choose the appropriate perfume
The smell of perfume can affect your mood and the moods of others. So be careful when choosing the type of perfume.
6. Exercise / yoga
Exercise can not only control weight but also make the body healthy. You can also do yoga and meditation a few minutes to make it look fresh and to your face exudes natural light.
7. Drink plenty of water
Drinking water will moisturize the skin. Dry skin makes you look dull. Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.
8. Enough sleep
Try to sleep 6 to 8 hours each day so that the body feels fresh and beautiful the next day.


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