7 Facts Evil in the World of Medicine

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Advancement of medical science can indeed save a life, but sometimes experiments conducted by scientists that there are unethical. This is her seventh worst medical experiments involving human subjects.
As quoted by LiveScience, Friday (17/12/2010) there are seven worst in the history of medical experiments involving humans as subjects, namely:
A. Tuskegee study
The study lasted for 40 years. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention U.S., the health department launched a study on the health effects of untreated syphilis. Unfortunately this is not known to the participants, both treated syphilis or not.
Researchers to track the progression of disease in 399 black men in Alabama, including 201 healthy men.Scientists reveal the participants that diriya being treated for having ‘bad blood’. These participants had never received adequate treatment, even up to 1947 when penicillin was the drug of choice for treating syphilis.
2. Syphilis study in Guatemala
Between the years 1946-1948, the U.S. government and Guatemala to study together in a way intentionally infect syphilis in prisoners in Guatemala and the patient in a mental hospital. This study aims to test chemicals that can prevent the spread of disease.
Researchers tried to infect the subject with him how to have sex with prostitutes are already infected. Although syphilis is penicillin administered drugs, but found no further treatment for such patients.
3. Surgical experiments on slave
Figures of modern gynecology, J. Marion Sims gained much fame by performing experimental surgery on slave women. Sims attempted surgery without anesthesia (some anesthetics have not been found), but he revealed that it’s not painful enough. Whereas in the Journal of Medical Ethics 1993, written by the man doing experimental unacceptable.
4. Burke murder and Hale
Until the 1830’s the execution of the murder is relatively rare, so many experts anatomy of the human body to take or buy from the robbers. Until the end of William Hale and his friend William Burke opened the inn and entrepreneurs sell their bodies for sale to anatomists. As a result of the crime later Burke was hanged for his crimes.
5. The Monster Study
In 1939 researchers wanted to prove the theory that stuttering behavior is caused by the anxiety of a child to speak. Researcher sat with the children orphans and say that these children show signs of stuttering and may not speak unless sure can talk properly. These experiments make the child that was normal to be anxious and to be silent.
6. Japan’s Unit 731
Throughout the 1930’s to 1940’s, the Japanese imperial army and biological warfare against the civilian population of medical tests and most of China. The death toll from brutal experimental is not known, but there may be 200,000 people.
This study involves the wells of infected cholera, typhus, lice and the prisoners were lined up in cold weather to determine the best treatment for frostbite.Other atrocities were blindfolded prisoners with poison gas, then put into the room until his eyes out and dissected while still alive and conscious.
7. Nazi medical experiments
Perhaps the notorious trial of all time was that of Josef Mengele, an SS doctor at Auschwitz, and he collects the eyes of the victims of his patients. These experiments using prisoners to test the treatment of infectious diseases and chemical warfare. While others were forced to be frozen in the low-pressure chambers as a flight experiment.
Meanwhile, ad apula binding experiments with female breasts with rope so that researchers bus amelihat how long a baby can survive the famine. Until finally the baby was injected with lethal morphine to end her suffering. It is known that Mengele died in Brazil in 1979 due to stroke.


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