13 Unique Facts About Harry Potter

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March 12, 2012 by admin
The film and novel version of Harry Potter has influenced the lives of so many people in the world, both children, adolescents, and adults. 

Ranging from 10 years ago until now, it’s influence is still strong.
Seventh novel that tells about the experience of a young wizard Harry Potter along with his companions, sworn enemies of the wicked witch, to life at boarding school Hogwarts, as if to be real in the minds of his fans.
The fans also sometimes think of them as real as the characters, here are some other events that are not less extraordinary. What are they?
* Tom Felton Fans want to adopt it.
This happens when Felton visit to the U.S., where there are fans who want to become an official trustee for himself was underage. They were invited to stay at home, which is named after, (guess!) Malfoy Manor!
* Owls so rare because of Harry Potter.
The more people who emulate the life of the witches in the novel and filmHARRY POTTER, including maintaining the habit of owls. Therefore, the species became endangered wild owl with a lot of people who hunt.
* Photographs Emma Watson made an object of satisfying pedophiles.
This is done by a loner who finally captured the authorities. Photo of Emma’s head touched by fotoshop, and paired with another body, while the pair head to the actor’s body Harry Potter to be ‘fused’ with Emma. The actor finally released because it proved not to spread the photos are only used for personal interests.
* Meet the strangest fans.
Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe have had the most bizarre fan meeting with a fanatical fans of Japan. Due to the limitations of language, the fans and then touch Grint (once allowed) and smell the finger that had touched the Ron Weasley actor is. The fans also made with a handshake Radcliffesalting a really long time (probably the longest). Radcliffepun can only repeat, “What did you say?”
* Harry Potter used ‘porn scene’.
Some sites on the internet will escort the browser to the drawings, video, or pornographic narrative uses the characters Harry Potter, such as hot scene between Draco and Harry, Draco and Ron, Harry and George, Remus and Kingsley, and many more!
* Harvard student Emma Watson stalked.
Emma, who is now attending school at Harvard, have experienced terrifying incident when a group of people to stalk and intimidate him via Twitter with the words as if they were following him everywhere.
* A fan stabbed another when fans lined up at the Comic Con.
Disputes due to jealousy because one of his fans so easily got a seat that has been ‘saved’ for him, while others have to wait more than 8 hours. Fans who did not receive it then jabbed a pen into the eyes of the other fans! Ouch!

* Some of the bands named in the story of Harry Potter
Some of the band (the average rock) is using names that are known through the story of Harry Potter, like the Luna Lovegoods, The Hagrids, the Mudblood, The Dementors, Lord Voldemort, Harry and the Potters, The Butterbeer Experience, and more anymore.

* Here’s a true Harry Potter fans!
In a contest, found a young man who claimed sejatiHARRY Potter fans. From it, found some startling facts as he had read the novel more than 100 times, he’s got any merchandise that was launched, three rooms in his house filled with Harry Potter merchandise, he wore a witch to a school dance, he drew the characters Harry Potter, he has a tattoo on his neck Harry Potter, and he had a Harry Potter outfit is pretty much so that she could wear these clothes alone (without the other) for three months, and will always be different every day. Wow!
* Annoying leaks.
Dont hate if you’re still going to read or watch a movie and suddenly there is someone who boasted about his story or the ending, but this is fun for you? This was the case in several events the release of Harry Potter novel. Some people just want to interfere with bragging about the story to people who wait in line.
* A child is ever arrested for Harry Potter novel translated into French.
So do not wait sabarnay translation of Harry Potter editions in French, a translation of three chapters of the child’s Harry Potter novels, and arrested for violating an actual novel not yet published.

* Queue Harry Potter Theme Park.
When opened, the loyal fans have waited for the opening of Harry Potter Theme Park since 2 am! And this situation is compounded by the fact that they have to queue up at Florida temperatures are very hot!
* Tattoos Harry Potter to be a trend.
Tribal? It seems already out of date now that the various themes of the story of Harry Potter to be tattooed by some lover. Make no mistake, because tattoos are still ‘grim’ picture of Harry Potter tablets though, especially since the owner is a heavyset men!


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