10 reasons why alcohol should be avoided

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Alcohol can come from anywhere, but the most popular present in wine, beer or other liquor. There are 10 reasons why it should be shunned alcohol.Alcoholic beverages can indeed be good for health, for example, warms the body in the cold air. But a lot happens to excess alcohol consumption to the benefit is lost. No matter what age a person, alcohol can cause serious impact on health and himself. Quoted from Livestrong, there are 10 reasons why alcohol beverage worthy shunned, namely:
A. Addiction
Addiction is one of the most visible effect when someone is using alcohol in the long term. This means that a person should drink more before drinking or to be able to feel more relaxed.
2. Symptoms reversal (withdrawal)
A person will experience withdrawal symptoms (withdrawal) when trying to stop drinking abruptly or when you wake up the next day. These symptoms include anxiety, nausea, vomiting, irritability, loss of appetite and feeling shaky.
3. Heart disease
According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, alcohol use can cause chronic liver disease, such as fatty liver (more than 90 percent alcohol), as well as alcoholic hepatitis and alcoholic cirrhosis which can lead to liver failure.
4. Result in a crash
Alcohol can disrupt a person’s ability to drive and slow down the thinking process. Combined these conditions cause a person had an accident after drinking alcohol.
5. Malicious behavior
Alcohol can reduce the inhibitory capacity of natural persons, so that people who get drunk often do dangerous things without realizing it, such as having sex without using condoms or crossing the road carelessly.
6. Negative effects of a relationship
Consuming alcohol is not only an effect on ourselves, but also the people around him like a child. Because of domestic violence often occurs in people who abuse alcohol and children, may suffer long-term trauma caused by the parents’ drinking habits.
7. Depression
In the short term, alcohol can provide relaxation, but without realizing it, rubbing alcohol can contribute to the development of depression. About 40 percent of heavy drinkers showed signs of depression.
8. Losing a job
The more often a person drinks alcohol, the more diminished responsibility, including his thoughts on the job. This lowers the productivity of work and will lead to unemployment.
9. Trigger legal issues
Consuming alcohol can lead to legal problems, such as the arrest due to disorderly conduct or driving under the influence of alcohol.
10. Ignoring his own personal hygiene
A person who consumed alcohol over time will ignore cleanliness itself, such as wearing the same clothes over and over, rarely bathe or forget to brush your teeth. Because that is in the minds of people are just alcohol and stop thinking about other things.


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