10 Attitudes of Men Wanted Women

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According to research, women need more time to talk can talk to than men. Women love a man y ang communicative and always had an interesting conversation material. Humorous man who certainly had a plus in the eyes of women.
Women love a caring man. Reasonable and genuine attention can make a woman feel appreciated and loved. When delivered at the right time, little attention was able to leave the impression yan sweet and unforgettable.
Men of understanding do not like to give a talk at length, put a frown or angry girlfriend to change bad habits. He was always ready to take advantage of his mistakes, trying to tolerate weakness, trying to fulfill his wish, try to see from his perspective, and so on.
Women need a companion who can be assertive and able to make decisions. For example, when a loss to choose, she needs you to help him make decisions.Men who are wishy-washy, indecisive and difficult decisions memgambil usually underappreciated.
Women admire men be strong and big hearts.Hardness does not appear when things are running smoothly. Instead he was tested when there is a problem, when the relationship is threatened putusa, when the test fails, when layoffs occur, and so on. The man who easily give up, despair and frustration are not attractive to a woman. How could I would take refuge in a baby’s fragile!
Honoring Women
Women would respect men who respect him. When women feel respected? When she opened the door and asked to enter first, when the load is lifted taken over, when he was not left waiting too long, when he was praised in front of others, when their work is appreciated, and so on.
Protecting Women
Although love is protected, but she does not like over-protective and rigid. women do not feel protected when everywhere always escorted, supervised or monitored even with a plea for salvation. Juha tida women like too regulated and prohibited even with alasandemi good.Women appreciate the gentle protection. For example, walk or wade in a secure position, in the company when he was frightened, transfer to a doctor when she was sick when she boarded a jet accompanied by Coster, etc..
Women appreciate
Women want to be respected and treated by her boyfriend. He does not like men who accompany the memorable not so appreciative. When did he feel appreciated? When from out of town you call him and say I miss you, when you ask for his opinion, when you do not hide the reason it matters seseuatu male behavior, and so on.
He is sympathetic sympathetic not only to be kind to her lover, but also to the family of his girlfriend, his friends and to others. Thus he proved that his good, not an act, but really the habits and nature.
Men are romantic romantic normally be nice, treat her lover with a soft, romantic to call him, give flowers on special days, etc.. Though not as handsome as Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Richard Gere as soft, every man needs to learn to be romantic. Why? Because man is a romantic woman’s dream man.

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