The beauty of the beach Gunungkidul

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By Nurie Wonosari

Still the beauty of the Virgin Gunungkidul Coast – South Mountain District, is a district in the province of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The capital is Wonosari. This district is bordered by the Central Java province in the north and east, the Indian Ocean in the south, as well as Bantul and Sleman district in the west. Gunungkidul district consists of 18 districts, which is divided again over a number of villages and districts. Central government in the District Wonosari. Most of the district form of hills and mountains of limestone, which is part of Sewu Mountains. Some areas of South Mountain is a barren region, where the dry season of frequent disasters that we know kekeringan.Mungkin Gunungkidul barren area but behind it all Gunungkidul potentially interesting attractions to visit, especially coastal tourism.

You must already know Yogyakarta, about the beach you must know about Parangtritis and Depok. Indeed both these beaches has its own charm, especially Parangtritis, has a legendary story with the story Nyi roro south course. But have you ever heard of beach tourism in the South Mountain area?. One district in Yogyakarta province actually has the potential beach resort that is not less interesting, there were lined beach locations with panoramic views of each are different from each other, so as not to see that the atmosphere of the beach-it wrote.

Call it the start of the beach Sundak Krakal beaches, coastal alluvium and the beach is famous for barons of the fish auction. That’s just part of the coast that have been well managed, not to mention the small beaches that still has not been untouched by tourists. Krakal beach for example, has a wide shoreline with white sand and the waves are relatively calm will make you feel comfortable and pristine scenery will make you forget for a moment of busy work.

From the city of Yogyakarta takes + / – 2 to 2.5 hours to reach the beach area. But do not worry the whole way you will enjoy the natural scenery of the white chalk hill in the dry season and green hills during the rainy season. To be able to enjoy the beaches are nice and quiet, make sure you choose the time of the visit outside the peak holiday season.

1. Indrayanti Beach


2. Baron Beach


3. Krakal Beach


4. Sundak Beach


5. Ngrenehan Beach


6. Ngobaran Beach


7. Siung Beach


8. Nguyahan Beach


9. Ngongap Beach


I point out also the following means of transportation to the location:
A. Land routes: Buses can be used to go to this location, for those of you who come from cities jogja can go straight to the terminal Giwangan (Jogja) is then connected again with the bus Wonosari majors, after arriving at the terminal Wonosari you can ride the bus again toward the headland pollen , Tepus and surrounding areas because the beaches are located in these districts. In addition to bis friends could use the train got off at the monument, then proceed to the terminal Giwangan, then proceed to the route I have mentioned above.

2. Air line: In addition to the above ground lines we can also use the aircraft with the aim of Adi Sucipto airport, then you can ride from the airport to the department of trans jogja Giwangan terminal, then proceed with the route as above.

Note: you should use a personal vehicle alone more attractive and can be enjoyed.

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