Pocong; Original Ghost in Indonesia

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Pocong, or shroud is a term that refers to a corpse wrapped in a shroud. This term originated from language Javanese, but was later its use extends in the Indonesian language. The imposition of the shroud is usually done after the body is washed, and the main body of the seventh hole (two eyes, two nostrils, two ears, and anus) corked cotton.

Pocong often presented as one manifestation of a ghost in the legend in Indonesia, and the coloring is strong enough national horror film genre.



Pocong varied depictions. It is said, pocong has a green face with empty eyes. Another depiction of states, flat-faced pocong eyes hollow and has holes or cotton covered with pale white face. Those who believe in the existence of ghosts is thought, is a form of protest pocong of the dead are forgotten before the grave was opened kafannya bond closed.

Although often portrayed in the film pocong jumping moves, instead stating pocong myths about moving pocong hovering. This is understandable, because in the movies starring pocong could not move his feet so that the passage should be jumping up and down. This situation also raises a claim that is usually used to distinguish between genuine and pocong pocong false in the community:
“Look at the way the passage. When the passage of jumping, throwing stones at it, would be screaming. ”

Belief in the existence of ghosts pocong only grown in Indonesia, especially in Java and Sumatra. Although his description to follow Muslim traditions, other religions also appeared to acknowledge the existence of this ghost.



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