Goa Pindul ….The Treasure of Gunungkidul

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By Nurie

Pindul cave is located in the village of Beji, sub Coral mojo, Gunungkidul, about 10 km from the city Wonosari (Gunungkidul capital), the trip from Yogyakarta be approximately 1.5 hours. Tourism management is handed over to local villagers, the pricing is quite cheap at Rp 30.000, – for down Goa Pindul (+ Goa Wren) and Rp 75,000, – for Goa and down the river Oyo. This rate is included to guide (every 2-3 people with one guide), tires, equipment vest, shoes, helmets, Meatballs, Tea / Tea Rasela and Degan (green coconut).


We get a briefing at the destination as well as safety equipment such as helmets, buoy and Helm (including tires), after praying with the next run to the river which is located approximately 100 meters.


Sign In cave Pindul by sitting on the tires, but initially there is more light into the darker (illumination of the guide with a flashlight at the helm)


Inside the cave there is a big Stalagmites are entered into the water, besides that it also exists as phallus stalactites where, according to the guide for men who can hold can be more powerful while for women there are stalactite pearls which for women is expected to wash my face with water droplets to be ageless and added beautiful (sorry no pictures ………… let us show the curious). There is another stalagmite curtain, perhaps because of its shape like a curtain (shaped like a mushroom in my opinion).


Pindul cave is fucking wonderful, you must go there and you can feel the challenge…Thank you.


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